Has Elizabeth Warren delivered on her 2012 campaign promises?

In 2012 Democrat and then first time political candidate Elizabeth Warren ran for the United States Senate in Massachusetts. During her campaign and subsequent victory speech, Warren made 5 key promises to the people of Massachusetts, the question is, has she kept those promises? Examining them individually will allow for a comprehensive verdict on each promise. So, what were her promises in 2012?

  1. Put people back to work: Let’s examine some job and employment numbers from the Bureau of Labor statistics between January 2013 when Warren took office, and May 2018. Since Elizabeth Warren took office in January 2013, unemployment in Massachusetts is down 3.3%, which ranks as the 24th best decrease in unemployment since that point. Ranking in the middle of the country in unemployment decrease when companies such as Bertucci’s, BJ’s Wholesale, Bose, Puma, Staples and Stop & Shop have headquarters in the state. The average number of people put back to work per year in Massachusetts also only accounts for 1.6% of the total labor force in the state. The final statistic to be noted is that Massachusetts ranks 17th in the country in unemployment, once again not a good number for a state that has many large companies investing in it with their headquarters.               Final Verdict: Promise not kept
  2. Protect Medicare and Social Security: Since 2013, Medicare covers 2.1% fewer people and 9.3% fewer children, proving Elizabeth Warren is not the champion for families the way she said she would be. The numbers on social security are just as bad, as 2.6% less of residents over the age of 65 who qualify for social security are receiving those benefits. That number is good for the 3rd highest decrease in eligible recipients earning benefits.                                                                                         Final Verdict: Promise not kept
  3. Help students in debt: However, Warren voted against a bill in 2013 that would have limited interest rates for student loans. Massachusetts is also among the worst states for student debt, having the 9th highest rate of average student debt in the country. The average debt per college graduate has also increased 7% since 2013, and 10 colleges in Massachusetts rank in the top 100 worst colleges for student debt in the country.                                                                                                                     Final Verdict: Promise not kept
  4. Protect Military and Veterans: Warren voted against a bill increasing military housing allowance by 1% each year until 2018. Warren also voted against removing troops from Yemen and repealing use of military force in Iraq. Another thing Senator Warren has voted against is the defense budget, which she fought five out of six years in her senatorial career.                                                                                         Final Verdict: Promise not kept
  5. Work across party lines: While Warren has voted in favor of every nomination President Obama made between 2013-2016, she has refused to meet with several Trump nominations and has voted nay on every single Trump nomination since he took office. Warren’s voting record also suggests she is unwilling to cross party lines, she has one of the worst voting records when considering bills sponsored by a member of the opposite party of congress. Warren has voted 20 yeas and 86 nays on bills sponsored by Republicans, a measly 19%.                                                                                                                           Final Verdict: Promise not kept

Senator Warren has failed to keep five of her biggest promises from her 2012 campaign, failing the people of Massachusetts in the process. Warren is nothing more than an obstructionist looking to push her liberal agenda across the U.S. Elizabeth Warren must be stopped in 2018, as being defeated in her Senate re-election bid will surely keep her from running for President. This November we must vote for a candidate who will put Massachusetts first and keep promises they give to their constituents.

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