Will the real Elizabeth Warren please stand up

The 2012 elections seem like a long time ago, so long ago in fact that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has turned into a completely different person. When Warren was a first time political candidate in 2012, she claimed to be fighting for the working class of Massachusetts, for the families living paycheck to paycheck, for the young residents of Massachusetts living in debt, and most importantly for the veterans who fought for our country. Warren sounded like the perfect old school Democrat ready to be the first female Senator in Massachusetts history, and ready to take back a seat that once belonged to longtime Senator Ted Kennedy.

Last week however, Warren solidified her spot as the most radical leftist in the United States Senate. So how did Elizabeth Warren go from being a moderate Democrat ready to fight for the middle class of Massachusetts and America, to a radical leftist obstructing everything idea from the Republicans in Washington? Warren’s shift to radicalism started when President Trump was elected in November 2016, as she became the face of a newly depleted Democratic party, a group attempting to push back on every item on Trump’s agenda. Whether it be immigration reform, tax reform, deregulating businesses or creating jobs, Warren has opposed and obstructed every achievement of the Trump administration.

The highly successful tax reform bill passed by President Trump has shown Warren’s most radical side. Despite hundreds of companies giving out raises and bonuses, and the stocks continuing to rise after the tax cuts, Warren has continued to be a strong opponent to the bill. Just last week, Warren continued to disregard the bill, referring to the bonuses employees received crumbs, and showing just how out of touch she is with the working class people of Massachusetts. Not only did Warren disregard the importance of the tax cuts bill on employee’s paychecks and the economy, she refused to rule out a tax rate of at least 50%, possibly more on taxpayers.

As if her opposition to the tax cuts bill and her idea of taxing people at a 50% rate or higher wasn’t bad enough, Warren also refuses to acknowledge the crisis at the southern border. While thousands of illegal immigrants are being pushed across our border every month, most even being children who are without their parents, Elizabeth Warren has advocated for the abolishment of ICE. Warren has zero regard for any law enforcement and would rather operate a country with open borders, than fix the immigration crisis and allow for a fair and just system of people migrating to the U.S. Warren also wants to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state and give illegal immigrants benefits that would cost taxpayers in the commonwealth over $2 billion a year.

Elizabeth Warren has also continued to stab the young college students and graduates in the back during her 6 year Senatorial career. While Warren advocates for making college education more affordable, half of her top 10 donors over her time in Washington have been colleges and universities. Those 5 colleges total over $850,000 in donations to Warren over the last 6 years. In total, 20 colleges and universities across the U.S. have donated at least $12,000 to Elizabeth Warren, and those 20 colleges have accounted for nearly 20% of Warren’s total donations, totaling just under $1,000,000.

So who is Elizabeth Warren really fighting for? Is she fighting for the middle class and the youth of America which is millions of dollars in debt? Or is Warren fighting for the interest of her donors and herself? The evidence doesn’t lie, and the real Elizabeth Warren is standing right in front of us. Elizabeth Warren does not care about the middle class, the taxpayers or the young college graduates who are in debt. Warren has become the most radical Senator in the U.S. and only cares about herself and pushing her radical agenda.


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