Warren spouts nonsense at Woburn Town Hall

Last night Elizabeth Warren held her 32nd Town Hall of 2018 in Woburn, a number which might seem good if we weren’t in the 32nd week of the year, meaning Warren has spent roughly 14% of her time in Massachusetts. With just under 100 days until election day, Warren spent all of 15 minutes speaking to residents before fielding questions from the crowd. In her 15 minute speech, Warren once again touted her life growing up, as she does at every Town Hall because apparently issues don’t matter as much as where she grew up 60 years ago, and what kind of jobs her family members had. Warren attempted to evoke emotion from the crowd by mentioning her three brothers who served in the military, and her mother who worked a minimum wage job to support Elizabeth and her brothers after her father had a heart attack preventing him from working. Somehow, Warren found a way to spin her childhood story from the 1950’s into an attack on corrupt Republicans in congress, and corporations like Walmart and McDonald’s, because according to Warren herself, all Republicans care about is the profits of Walmart and McDonald’s. I mean its not like Warren has ever taken thousands of dollars from corporations, that is unless you include Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Comcast, IBM, Morgan Stanley and Raytheon. Warren then attempted to blame the Republicans for keeping the lower and middle class from voting, when actually in 2016 citizens earning less than $50K a year made up 36% of the electorate, and those making between $50-$100K made up another 30%, 66% of the electorate in 2016 was middle class or below.

Enough about Warren’s false claims though, lets look at the brilliant solutions she offered to different topics brought up by attendees at her town hall. Topics that attendees asked Warren about included education/student debt, healthcare, paid family leave and law enforcement.

Starting with education, Warren made it very clear just how extreme she is. When asked about childcare specifically, Warren stated that she wants to invest money into “Pre-Pre-K and Pre-Pre-Pre K” which are two programs that don’t even exist, and probably nobody knew what she was even talking about. So Warren wants to increase childcare programs in America, that in itself is not a bad idea because it would allow more single parents the opportunity to work and provide for their children. The real problem comes with how she wants to invest in these programs, in America right now we don’t even have universal Pre-K, Warren wants to make that universal and add two more levels to childcare. Estimates show that universal Pre-K would likely cost $2 billion a year, so if we add these imaginary Pre-Pre-K and Pre-Pre-Pre-K levels of childcare, we are looking at $6 billion a year, funded by the taxpayers. Warren’s push for universal education didn’t stop there though, as she made the student debt crisis seem far worse than it actually is by telling attendees at the town hall that the total student debt rate is $1.5 trillion, which seems like a scary number until you evaluate the whole story. Average debt rates are just over $30,000 per graduating college senior, which can be paid off in 5 years if graduates get real jobs and pay good monthly plans. Instead, Warren wants to completely disincentivize a college education by making it free. Once again though, after mentioning investing money into public colleges, Warren failed to inform her supporters that she wants them to pay for universal college education.

Healthcare was another topic brought up at the town hall by an attendee. Warren was more open on this topic as she specifically stated that she wants universal healthcare and that everyone should pitch in, which drew a very mixed reaction from her crowd of supporters. She also used the moment to remind us that all Republicans are bad people and there’s no such thing as a moderate Republican because they do not favor ObamaCare. That moment proved to us all again that if you don’t agree with a Democratic solution, you are demonized by the left because apparently the only moral way to do things is the Democrat way.

The next topic discussed in Woburn was paid family leave. When asked by a town hall attendee how paid family leave can be achieved, Warren simply stated “yes I am in favor of paid family leave.” Good answer Senator, but I don’t think your support alone will win that or any other battle in Congress. Without offering an actual solution, which has become a common theme at Warren’s town halls, she continued on by stating that productivity is increased when more women are in the workforce. Aside from the fact that had nothing to do with the original question, there are no actual statistics to support the mostly sexist claim. Actual statistics show that productivity is increased in the workplace not by an increase of women, but by a close balance of both men and women working together.

The final topic of interest discussed by Warren was law enforcement and race relations in the United States. This was a particularly interesting topic to see Warren talk about given her demonization of law enforcement in recent months, including calls to abolish ICE and saying the entire criminal justice system is racist from front to back, a great campaign strategy in a state where several police officers have been killed in the line of duty over the past few months, and support for law enforcement has never been higher. In recent Massachusetts polls, 73% of residents felt that the criminal justice system in the state was fair, while only 21% felt it was unfair, 90% of people polled also said they felt confident in the criminal justice system while just 7% felt unconfident, lastly 94% of people polled felt either somewhat or very safe from crime in their communities. But enough about the polls, what did Warren say in her town hall about law enforcement? Warren stated that police make African-American communities unsafe and that President Trump is not committed to making the African-American community at large feel safe. Another jab towards Trump who is supposedly racist but just last week met with 30 black pastors and leaders of inner cities to address the problems African-Americans face in America today. You’d be hard pressed to find the last time Warren met with African-American leaders to discuss issues in their communities, she is also never seen in cities like Cambridge, Everett, Lynn and Medford which have high African-American populations. The percentage of Americans who feel dissatisfied with race relations in America has also gone down since Obama left office in 2017, a stark contrast to his time in office when the number of Americans dissatisfied with race relations in the country shot up from 40% to 64% between 2008 and 2016, a 24%  increase. Since Trump has been president, that number has gone down to 54%, a 10% decrease in just 19 months.

Once again Elizabeth Warren spread a broken and untrue rhetoric to residents of Massachusetts. She decided to only tell the half of the story residents would fall for, and disregarded polls and facts throughout her time in Woburn. Continuing to attack law enforcement, promote her socialist agenda and work around questions she couldn’t answer while coming up with imaginary ideas such as Pre-Pre-Pre-K, Warren spouted absolute nonsense at her latest town hall. Meanwhile, she also mentioned how much she likes bumper stickers, called all Republicans corrupt because they have money (which in her mind Democrats do not) and said that unions created weekends. Zero solutions were offered to any problems facing Massachusetts and America, and once again we are left to wonder what exactly Warren has done for the past 6 years.

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