5 Reasons Why Your Arguments for Socialism in America are Invalid

Socialism seems to be all the rage these days with Liberal millennial voters in America. Demands such as free college and healthcare, guaranteed government jobs and abolishing borders and law enforcement agencies are among the extreme ideas that senators like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, as well as several candidates in the 2018 elections are pushing for. Not only are their demands extreme, they are illogical and fiscally irresponsible, and nobody can explain how to pay for the multi trillion dollar plans. There are many reasons whys socialism could never succeed in America, as proven by the many failures it has seen across the world, but what exactly makes the claims of socialist liberals invalid?

  1. The main reason why American voters who support socialism have an invalid argument right away is that they are not willing to pay the costs for the system. We know this because the people who are asking for socialism are the ones already leaching off of government subsidies and welfare programs. So if these people want to take advantage of government welfare programs, why would they ever pay into those programs? The answer is simple, they wouldn’t. If you are advocating for a system, you are either fully in favor of it or you’re not in favor of it at all. By showing their unwillingness to pay for a socialist system in America, liberals who advocate for socialism are proving they really wouldn’t want the system at all. All they want is for people who have worked hard to earn their money to give them freebies, because they are too lazy to work for themselves. That leads directly into the next reason their arguments for socialism are invalid.
  2. It won’t only be the rich paying higher taxes. A common myth amongst socialist liberals is that people like Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos are going to pay for the whole system because they’ve worked hard to earn their money. The problem with this is that based on the tax brackets in America, anyone earning over $191,000 a year pays 33% or higher of their income in federal income taxes, combine that with state income, property and other taxes and those people are paying at least twice as much in taxes than the average American worker. Socialist liberals want these people to pay higher taxes, which would drive the wealthy out of America. The real problem here is that liberals don’t know the difference between income and wealth, thus they push for wealth taxes which would take key capital funds away from business owners over time.
  3. Taxing wealth instead of income would force business owners to ship production overseas, forcing factories and business offices around America to shut down and creating a massive loss of jobs. A socialist economy would drive the stock market down consistently and within just a few years the value of the American dollar would be almost nothing and we would see the greatest stock market crash since the Great Depression. Liberals want income equality so badly that they fail to understand basic economics, and would rather make everyone poor than allowing people other than themselves to be wealthy.
  4. Political elitists pushing socialist agendas won’t support the system once it is established. If liberals think that Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren are going to be supportive of a system where they’d have to pay more in taxes, then they should take a look at their congressmen and see what they actually pay in taxes and how many loopholes they use to avoid paying more than they want to. Just like Obamacare, Democratic elitists never pay into or use a system that they have deemed good for the people. The truth is that your senators and congressmen don’t care about you because they will rake in millions of dollars no matter how rich or poor you are. So the next time you think “would this system benefit me” ask yourself “Would members of congress use this system in their lives?”
  5. The final reason the argument for socialism in America is invalid is also the simplest. Putting the word Democratic in front of something doesn’t make it any less oppressive. Socialism is grounded in the idea that the government can come into our homes and demand money from us for welfare programs. Not only is that social robbery, it goes against everything the 4th amendment stands for. Just because I can choose who is going to forcefully take my money, that doesn’t mean it isn’t robbery or immoral.

Despite hundreds of failed attempts to create a socialist society around the globe, it remains a pipe dream for those in America who do not wish to earn their keep. Throughout history we have never seen a successful form of socialism, yet liberals seem to think that it hasn’t been tried the correct way. It will only be correct in their minds when America does it, whether we fail at it or not. And here’s a spoiler alert, turning a capitalist economy into a socialist one would create arguably the biggest failure ever when it comes to socialism.

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